With all the people in the world and everyone having their own situations there is no possibility of us simply listing all of the services Lexington can provide.

Although we have many services listed

on our website this is but a fraction of

what we can offer.

It is our mission to ensure that

whatever the service you need

we can perform. We prepare

thousands of documents a

month and if we feel we can

not provide a document that

is satisfactory we will not take
on the job.
We are not Lawyers
and some of our services may be
limited based on your location.

Custom Services

Quality You Can

Count On

Lexington has made the commitment from day one to ensure that all of our documents will be held to the highest

industry standards.

Our goal is not only

to satisfy your needs

but the needs of your

friends and family

members that you will

be referring too.

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Find the service you require on throughout our site.For other services contact us direct.


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Jason S.

New York, NY

After buying my first investment property I realized I

needed to protect myself and my property. Lexington

gave me the tools I needed.

Mike P.

Las Vegas, NV

I always heard that changing your name was

extremely difficult process. I tried on my own with no

success. Lexington had it done in no time.



Houston, TX

Being laid off after 20 years of working in a cubical I decided to open my own business. Lexington was there every step of the way.

Lexington Doc Prep has assisted people like yourself over the past 6 years. Throughout the years the Specialists at Lexington have become experts in the areas they serve. The quality of our work is our top priority. Anyone can have peace of mind when dealing with a Specialist at Lexington.

Thousands Served



Name Changes

Application Assistance

Being in business over the years we have had the pleasure of assisting thousands of clients each year. Laws constantly change in each state but you can be rest asured that Lexington is up to date on laws and regulations. Throughout the years we have drastically expanded on the documents we prepare

6 Years & Counting

Lexington Doc Prep offers a wide range of documents along with many different payment plans and options.  We have placed a vast library at your fingertips. We also offer customized services since we understand that every document is not a one size fits all. We invite you to call us here at Lexington where a Specialist is waiting for you 24/7.