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Stress Facts

  • Three-fourths of the human population undergo stress in varying levels in a 2-week period..

  • Stress is one of the main factors causing insomnia and other sleep disorders.

  • Laughter is usually the best natural medicine.

  • Chewing gum eases, not only the jaw, but stress as well.

  • Stress causes chest pain, high cholesterol, cardiac problems, depression, and a host of assorted problems.

  • The major cause for stress in nearly all countries surveyed is money.

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Anyone can change their name for a variety of reasons. There is a tremendous amount of paperwork required to accomplish a name change.

Reasons To Change Your Name

Change Your Name For Your Career

Change your name to your stage name, or to be more successful in your work, or to capitalize on the name of your choosing in a particular line of work, or if you think a new name will help you raise your income faster. You can change your name just by deciding to do it, without a court order, and a lot of people will easily accept your chosen name. But, sooner or later, you’ll need to get your income connected to your working name AND your legal name through your Social Security Account, or your 401k plan, or your payroll, or your passport, etc. Before it’s too late, change your name for all those legal purposes by getting a court order to support getting all the records changed.

Change Your Name to Honor

You can change your name to honor an ancestor, a grandmother or grandfather, someone who raised you, someone or something from your heritage, your faith or beliefs. You can change your first, middle or last names, or all of them to honor.

Change Your Name To Leave the Past Behind

If you share your name with someone who did very bad things, or someone you want to forget, or both, you can change your name with a court order and get all your records changed to reflect your new name. People who do this often take a mother’s or grandparent’s name, but you can also take a name that you think would suit you in your future. If you want to change your name to a brand new name. Your New Legal Name can be one you’ve already been using, or it can be one you see yourself becoming.

Change Your Name To Simplify

You can change your name if you’re tired of writing it all out every time there are important papers to sign, or if you’re tired of pronouncing or spelling it 2 or 3 times whenever you meet someone new. Some newcomers to the United States find that their native name isn’t helpful here and choose to Americanize their name. Some people just like the way a simpler version of their name sounds, and choose to adopt it.

When you want to change your name for any of those kinds of reasons, sooner or later someone will want to see your official records to validate your identity. And, you’ll want to have your earnings properly credited to your Social Security or 401k accounts. Get a court ordered name change, then get each of the government agencies and financial institutions to change your name in their records, and you’ll be all set.

Name Change